Is Regret Holding You Back? Change Your 'Hot Mama Story'

hot mama storyDo you live with regret? Do you keep telling yourself if I could go back in time I would change this and this and this? Is regret the central theme in your hot mama story?

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: What You Can Do

October is Breast Cancer Awareness MonthOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month--are you staying abreast of your health? (Pun intended.) If you have been lax in performing self-breast exams, avoiding mammograms, or otherwise have been trying to play hooky with your health, now is a great time to set yourself straight. Is breast cancer a part of your hot mama story? Use this month as an excuse to share your life experience with other women.

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A Basic to Bold Mama Style Guide for Pregnant Hot Mamas!

hot mama fashion: fall wardrobe basics, Fall 2009 maternity fashion

This look takes three plain-jane maternity basics--underbelly jeans, a tank, and an extra long ("boyfriend") cardigan--and transforms them, hot mama style, with Fall 2009's trendiest accessories.

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Treat Your Hot Mama Self Right Even on a Budget: Easy Spa Recipes That Work

At-Home SpaIt's been a long week at work. You get home only to find more demands from your husband and children. You are constantly running here and there. You get 5 minutes to day dream, and you dream of spending an entire day at the spa, sipping a tall margarita.

Facials, Pedicures, Manicures, Hair treatments, Body wraps, Massage....your hot mama self could use it all.

I have done some research and found ways that you can do these treatments at home, although you'll have to enlist some help for that massage. :)

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Quick & Lean Dinners For the No-Diet Dieter (and Her Kids)

lean, quick dinnersSchool pick ups. Soccer practice. Cheerleading. Work. Grocery shopping. "Mom, what's for dinner?" "Mom, I'm hungry!". Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom... Aahhhh! Be quiet! Does this sound like your life? Who's doesn't sound like this - or worse? It's crazy being a Mom, never mind a working hot mama. How do we do it all? Who knows, but we do everything and somehow manage not to strangle anyone or become alcoholics.

With everything you have on your plate, let me at least make dinner one less thing for you to worry about...

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A Hot Mama Wears Boyfriend Jackets!

A Hot Mama Wears Boyfriend Jackets-A
A Hot Mama Wears Boyfriend Jackets! by MakeMeaHotMama

Whether you steal your boyfriend blazer from a friend's closet (like I did :) or buy a tailored-to-your-shape version, this jacket style is extremely versatile. The key to this look is the jacket (duh!) so make sure to choose the fit wisely--you want unstructured looseness in the body, but a close fit in the shoulders. Also look for interesting linings that will add uber-trendy flair if you roll the sleeves.

Here are a few of my suggestions to make this your very own hot mama outfit:

For the Flirty Hot Mama:

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A Hot Mama Reads with Her Kids

hot mama readsFrom my own personal experience I was never one to grab a book and sit and read from cover to cover.

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Low Sex Drive? 5 Reasons Why It Might Not Be Your Fault...

hot mama marriageI just ran across an article from a popular women's magazine, with an article listing the reasons why your sex drive is low. They listed reasons such as a messy house, laundry piled up in the bedroom, high cholesterol, unresolved issues, a low thyroid, nursing, blah, blah, blah... Holy hell! First off, why put all of the blame on us hot mamas? Why are the men never to blame? Why are we always the ones that have to try to spice things up or find fault with ourselves when we'd rather not have that romp in the sack?

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September's Hot Mama of the Month-Courtney!

hot mama contest winner, September 2009I'm very happy to report that the Hot Mama of the Month spotlight is up and running again! This month, we're featuring a gorgeous mom of one, Courtney. I hope you enjoy reading her story as much as I enjoyed interviewing her!

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Reviving a Boring Marriage: Making Passion a Priority

hot mama marriageI have to be the first to admit that my marriage has turned more into college roommate relationship. You know you come and go, share the bills and basically living your own life. We seem to be so busy raising our kids and working that romance has taken a back seat to everything. We are so tired by the end of the day that sleep is the only thing on our minds. I have to admit we have a great relationship over the telephone. That isn't exactly a good thing but it is better than nothing.

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Power Breakfasts, The Hot Mama Way

Power Breakfast Foods, Diet Breakfast PlansWell, it's back to school time. For those of us hot mamas in the South, the kiddos have already shuffled off to school. Yay!

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Dinner in a Dash! A Hot Mama Shares Her Secrets and Recipes

We are a family that always seems to be on the run lately. Coming up with a healthy meal is a daily challenge. How can I feed five people a quick, healthy meal? If you're spending too much time at restaurants and drive-through's, and want to find ways to cook for your family despite your hectic life, finding quick, simple dinner recipes is the first step!

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A Time Crunched Hot Mama's Fitness Cheat Sheet

mama fitness pushupsWe all know that exercising is the quickest way to lose weight and fight flab. Cardio classes, weights, running, yoga, pilates... there are a ton of choices. Hauling your hot mama self to the gym for an hour long class, or trying to head out for a run when it's 100 degrees out isn't always doable. Work, school, errands, house stuff. It's hard--I know. And sometimes you just don't feel like it. Exercising for an hour seems like an eternity, but you want to get rid of your jiggly butt, jelly belly and chicken wings. So, what's a time crunched hot mama do to get in shape?

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How To Wear Thigh-High Boots

Thigh-high or 'Over-the-Knee' boots are a delightful spin on the traditional fall boot look and a huge trend on this fall's runways. Although the over-the-knee boot (the cheap pleather type with flimsy plastic stilettos tacked on to poor, neglected soles) has spent many years waiting for Halloween on the back shelf, this season, things are looking up. Designers have reincarnated the thigh-high or over-the-knee boot in fine leathers with sturdy-but-sleek flat heels that are perfect for toddler chasing. This hot mama outfit guide will show you how to pull off this gutsy look.

How To Wear Thigh High Boots Fall Trend Guide for Hot Moms

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A Hot Mama's Guide to Understanding Football

Hey Ladies - Football Season is upon us! I am here to help you understand the game more so that you may fit in with the sport affiliated family members and friends that may not survive if they miss the game.

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Belly Bands Prevent Saggy Pants & Other Maternity Wardrobe Disasters

belly bands are a pregnant girl's best frienderror

With my son's pregnancy, I put off buying maternity clothing for as long as possible. Maternity clothes scared me! Every time I passed a maternity store, I had terrifying visions of be-flowered, pillow-case sack shirts and flat-assed capris. Thankfully, it was my first pregnancy and I, being the petite gal I am, was able to stick it out with a little ingenuity and a whole lot of denial.

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Rock A Tee & Jeans, Hot Mama!

As a mom, it seems like there are far more occasions to get dressed down than up-- yet no fashion magazine seems to notice that style isn't just about big pricetags and high heels. If your usual "hot mama uniform" is a tee and jeans, it can be easy to give up on your own style sense.
Pulling off a basic look like flats, a tee, and jeans without looking sloppy or pubescent can seem like a daunting task--but it doesn't have to be. All you need are the right ingredients in the right recipe and my list of Hot Mama Jeans-and-a-T-Shirt Musts:

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5 (or 2 or 3 or 10) Ways to Keep Your Kids From Throwing a Tantrum Every Time You Go Shopping

temper tantrumsTantrums can be more stressful on the parent than on the child. Sometimes, a child knows that if they throw a tantrum in a busy store then will break you down until you give in. Children are very smart especially when it comes to trying to control the parent.

Here are a few hot mama approved tips -

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5-Minute Hot Mama Bold Eye Looks for Any Eye Color--Fall 2009

After spending this past weekend at a local harvest festival, my eyes are almost permanently be-dazzled from the deluge of riotous colors and lush silks of the traditional Japanese dress that dominated the "fashion" scene. I've decided to try to share some of that magic with you by making this Hot Mama Makeup Monday all about experimenting with color!

Start with basic hot mama makeup-a five minute face -skipping the eye-related steps, then pick and choose from these simply bold eye looks (in this season's hottest colors, of course). Of course, the brown/blue/green/hazel eye recommendations are just recommendations--have fun and try out a few different looks!

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Get Your Product Reviewed By a Hot Mama!

f your product, service, or site targets or caters towards savvy women interested in motherhood and parenting, style, fashion, beauty, relationships, and more, a review on Make Me a Hot Mama will significantly boost your product, service, or site's visibility. Make Me a Hot Mama attracts a passionate, involved readership. We are tapped into a deep grassroots community via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, boast a rapidly expanding subscriber base, and our growing site is ranked well on Google in addition to showing upward trending, mid-range traffic statistics on all search engines.

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17 Kid Friendly Ways to Enjoy August: End Your Summer With A Bang!

kids summer activities/gamesSchool is starting. Football season is here. Autumn is around the corner. Where did the summer go? It went by so fast. I'm already reminiscing about the things the boys and I did this summer. Do you remember that first day of school when the teacher would always ask you "What did you do this summer?" That question inspired this summer "bucket list" of sorts, as I thought about the many things I had wanted to do with the boys. Not sure what some of the excuses were, but I probably figuring either not enough money or not enough time. Don't get me wrong, we have done plenty this summer, but I'm not sure how they'd respond to the what-did-you-do question. I know how well they retain information during the summer months!

When I sat down to write this post, I kept pondering different ideas in my head. I asked myself, what can we do to make the last few weeks the most memorable? What can we do each day on the spur of the moment?

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Hot Mama Make-Up in Five Minutes or Less-Summer Edition

This is a 5-minute hot mama formula that can work with virtually any hair color and skin type. Just pick neutral shades that compliment your hair, eyes, and skin!

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Don't Throw that Punch: 5 Easy Ways to De-stress Your Life

mommy stress relief techniqueStressed? Scheduled to the hilt? Ready to scream or punch someone in face? We’ve all been there – the kids are driving you crazy, you just got cut off on the road, your husband said another stupid thing…Take a break from multitasking and you’ll slash your stress levels big time.

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Playground to Date Night: a Hot Mama Outfit Guide

Keeping your relationship healthy can seem to be a (nearly!) impossible task. From money to kids to friends, there will always be something else to worry about. It almost goes with saying that date night is an important ingredient in "stay together and happy" glue, but what many hot mamas don't realize is that what they wear matters, too. Dressing well and taking care of myself on a budget is a daily struggle for me. Whenever I get the rare chance for a date night with my husband, I need to be able to adapt my day-to-day wardrobe to a dressier situation--which is where this outfit guide comes in. Inspired by some of the very outfits I've worn out, I've taken three basic mom wardrobe staples and shown how you can transform your 'playground' worthy outfit into a sizzling 'date-night' look.

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Finding Your Self Respect After a Traumatic or Abusive Relationship

self respect and abuseWhen I was 19 I worked for a man/company that I wish I would have done some research on before I accepted the job. I had recently graduated from travel school and was offered what I figured was the best job a 18 year old travel-school graduate could get. I was hired as a Travel Consultant at a small office in the city that did Incentive Travel for Fortune 500 companies around the United States. I was young, naive and thought I was invincible. I had found a job with a great salary while my friends and classmates were still in school. Little did I know that I was going to learn a major life lesson in as little as a one and half years. I grew up very quickly.

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The Curse of the Mommy Nails: Why You Need a Manicure!

Short, sensible, boyish, bitten, chipped, broken, stained, or hangnailed?

If any of the above adjectives describe your fingernails, girl, you've got a serious case on your hands. 
Personally, I've never paid much attention to my nails--from tomboy to frazzled hot mama, they just never seemed that important. It is so easy to find excuses for neglecting the state of your manicure: don't have the time, don't have the cash, or, (my favorite fall-back), don't need to have pretty nails.

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Shorts & a Tee Hot Mama Outfit Remix: Bridging the Gap Between Summer and Fall

Shorts, Tee, Jacket Outfit Remix
Short Remix by MakeMeaHotMama

It's Work It! Wednesday again, mamas! Are you ready to kick your hot mama style up a notch? This week, I've put together a casual style guide featuring one pair of ($20!) shorts worn four different ways. Clockwise, from top left, we have "Bohemian Tough," "Red Retrolicious," "Knotty Nautical," and "Jade Chic."

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Dear Julie, How Can I Stop Procrastinating?

make lists easyHi Julie,
I have a major problem with putting off tasks I don't like to do. As a stay at home hot mama, my husband expects me to do the majority of household chores (most of which I hate doing!) but everything is just so overwhelming and some days I don't even want to get up in the morning. I've tried lists (and lots of coffee), but I just end up losing those lists. I am always forgetting other important things, and I fall behind farther behind every day. My physician has suggested that I probably have adult ADHD, but I can't even bring myself to make an appointment to get help because my family and friends might think I'm crazy. To make matters worse, my husband and I fight constantly because he thinks I'm being purposefully forgetful. What should I do? Is medication the only answer?

~A Hot Mama Who Can't Even Go Grocery Shopping Without Forgetting the Milk


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Hot Mama of the Month Honorees

The "Hot Mama of the Month" feature is our humble way of recognizing the spirit, determination, and accomplishments of everyday hot mamas around the world (although we're still on the hunt for our first international "hot mama" so if you're living overseas, please share your story with us-- editor [at] makemeahotmama.com).

The interviews of the previous Hot Mama of the Month selectees can be found via the following links:

Make Me a Hot Mama's Hot Mama of The Month Contest Winner for December, Amy Lockhart
December 2008's Hot Mama of the Month
Ashley Lockhart

Make Me a Hot Mama's Hot Mama of the Month Contest Winner for January
January 2009's Hot Mama of the Month
Amy Delp

Make Me a Hot Mama's February Hot Mama of the Month, Robin Quinn
February 2009's Hot Mama of the Month
Robin Quinn

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Hot Mamas Drink Responsibly: 10 Lo-Cal Beverage Recipes To Toast Summer's Last Hurrah!

low calorie diet drink/cocktail recipesIf you've spent this summer abstaining so you'll look fab as you lounge beach-side in a bikini, you have clearly been missing out on the alternative delights of the numerous cool, tasty, and lo-calorie drink recipes populating the internet. Summer is winding down and the hectic back-to-school season getting ready to pounce on your leisure plans, but don't let the doldrums hit you yet. Fun is still to had: plan an afternoon of pool-side pampering with a few girlfriends, or a few hours roasting in your own backyard/balcony/deck with a good book. There is no excuse for neglecting to take a little downtime for yourselves, hot mamas, so hop off that lawn-chair, pick your poison, and play bartender the easy way:

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About Make Me a Hot Mama

Moved to: http://www.makemeahotmama.com/p/about-make-me-hot-mama-magazines-staff.html

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Fabulous Fashion for the Plus-Sized Hot Mama

a hot mama is a plus size mamaDrop that tape measure! Hands in the air, ladies! It's time to be honest. Have you been scrutinizing that luscious hot mama behind in the mirror lately? Mmmm-hmmm. I thought so. The summer season is fast approaching, and with it, the dreaded return of bare flesh. If you're considered "plus-size" by the fashion industry, and feel as though fabulous fashion is only for the size twos of the world, you. are. wrong.
It is time to conquer the racks and find dashing fashions worthy of decorating your darn good looks! Here's your plan of attack:

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From a Mother's Eye

Who knew that being a Mom would change the way you look at life? Songs you used to like now you aren't so sure about because of the language in the song. Things you used to do are things you don't want your kids doing.

This weekend I had an eye-opener. I now look at my kids with a Mother's eyes more than I did before. We had a tragedy happen this weekend to a neighbor's child. The child was 6 and died in a farming accident. This family has been acquaintances with my family for many years. My father was the one that administered CPR. My heart just aches for this family. How do you go on with your life? How does your heart ever heal? How do you ever let your other children out of your sight? How do you find the strength to smile? I have so many questions floating through my head.

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Mama Fitness Rant: Step Away From That Bikini!

mama fitnessmama fitness donts

Okay mamas, today I am getting on my "Mama Fitness" soapbox here about one of my pet peeves - ill fitting bathing suits. This is going to be very politically incorrect, so if you think everyone should wear what they want because they have confidence about their body type, or if you are easily offended - stop reading now. Seriously, don’t keep reading. This is no holds barred, tell it like it is, major Mama Fitness "do's" and “don’ts”. You’ve been warned, here we go…

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She Bangs!

I chopped my hair off for the summer.

It was long, slicing my back neatly in half (quite possibly the longest it's ever been); it was irreparably damaged from my mood-swings of color and a torturous regime of the glossy rigidity of workday buns and the weekend flat iron; it had to go. I resisted the urge to chop for one whole month, while I wrestled with the emotional baggage attached my lengths. I hadn't gone for the total chop since my sweat-drenched summer of boot camp. My hair has endured a lot since then: riotous parties, bad boyfriends, the Army, then, finally, an adorable boyfriend who morphed into my husband and the hormonal roller-coaster of the pregnancy and nursing of my now-fourteen month old son. It really had to go.

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Make Your Child Smarter By Wearing This!

Do you wish there was an easy way to make your child(ren) smarter? It can be as easy as getting dressed in the morning, thanks to one adventurous fashion designer. Alexander McQueen has come up with the ultimate outfit designed for maximum brain stimuli after just one minute of viewing! Attendees at his Fall 2009 runway show reported increased brain function, not related to excessive caffeine intake, after being bombarded by these outfits:

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A Smile is Every Hot Mama's Best Accessory

hot mama accessoryHave you ever noticed how much negativity is in this world? I made the mistake of actually sitting down and watching the news. They really like to report on the bad things in the world instead of the positive things. I felt really depressed and somewhat angry after I wasted an entire half-hour of my life. It was a thought-provoking half-hour, however, as I realized that I really believe all this negativity is actually the cause of stress and problems that people encounter throughout their day instead of simply the result.

Hot mama, do you remember being a kid and getting up excited every morning in the summer to play with your friends or just to do something fun?

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I Hate Shorts (But You Don't Have To)

I have always been self-conscious of my wobbly thighs and uber-wide hips, even before I had my son and ended up with wobbly thighs-with-stretch-marks and hips-that-could-straddle-a-Rocky-Mountain (foothill).

Really? You, too? Wow.

There was actually a study* done recently that proved that 9 out of 10 moms (yes, even hot mamas!) believe that they look fat in shorts, and 8 out of 10 believe they look fat in anything revealing. However, a survey of their spouses, significant others, and best friends revealed that none of the women actually look as bad as they think they do.

(I know, that’s what I said, too.)

In all seriousness, ladies, summer is upon us and it’s time for you to face facts and realize that shorts really aren’t your arch-enemy (swimsuits are, silly).

Make Me a Hot Mama’s 5 Short Rules, Or, What To Do if Your Body Doesn't Look Like This Photoshopped Image:

>mummy tummy-Distract people! Get a manicure, whip out a great self-tanner, and find a pretty pair of sandals. Not only will you be better for the pampering, but getting compliments on your cute shoes will make you forget about your thighs. :)

>-Don't cut your legs off mid-calf with too-long bermudas or capris. Everyone's legs gain a few inches when visually chopped in half at the widest point of the calf. The slimmest-looking point for most people is the tiny space between the bottom of their kneecap and the top of the calf muscle.

>-Find a pair that fits! Aim for something that doesn't gape, pull, or bunch...and don't go too big in an attempt to hide. It never works (trust me, I've tried). If you want more coverage, go for a loose skirt that skims over your curves.

>-Don't cut your thigh in half, either. Find the mid-point of your thigh, and then get shorts that fall either below or above that line.

>-Avoid high-waisted shorts unless you know, for a fact, that you look absolutely sizzling in them.

Buy the right pair, and wear ‘em proudly, hot mamas!

*This particular study was kind of, really, um, not published. But you know it sounds about right.

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7 Sinfully Delicious Reasons Why You Should Be Eating The Tastefully Simple Way...

Food, glorious food. OK, so I heard that song on my XM radio on the way home from work the other night. Who doesn't love food? How can you say no to food that smells so good?

Have you ever heard, "She is a great cook" or "Her house always smells so yummy".

Or - Flip that Thought -

How about these excuses - "I don't have time to cook." or "I don't know how to cook."

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Hot Mama Writers Wanted!

Make Me a Hot Mama is looking for writers with a unique voice and perspective, particularly if they, themselves are, or have been, moms. We currently are looking for one-time (or infrequent/irregular) guest hot mamas in a variety of topics, as well as to fill columnist positions. If you think you'd make the cut, please send a sample of your article, along with a short biography (and professional picture, if you wish), to Alison Jerabek, editor@makemeahotmama.com , for consideration.

Hot Mama Guest Writers
◦are given full credit with a byline and picture, if they so desire.

◦retain the copyrights to their material, with the good faith agreement that they
will not request their article be taken down from the site in the future.

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County Fairs, BBQ, Picnics...Summer Fun - Sunscreen Facts

How do you define Summer - Longer days, beautiful sunsets, warm sunshine, beach going, gardening, vacations, BBQs with friends, picnics with the family?

Summer in my mind paints a picture of being a child again. Being free to do what I wanted. Sleeping in and playing with friends all day. I enjoyed spending many afternoons at the city swimming pool. Afterwards we would eat an ice-cream cone as quickly as we could before it melted.

Reality check - I'm a Mom. Summer now means running here, running there. It is hard to believe it is July already. My boys are always busy it seems - softball games, library summer reading programs, day trips we had planned, farming (that's a daily event), 4-H, summer band lessons, summer school.....I am sure I could list more.

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I'm Aging - A Hot Mama's Cry for HELP!!!!

mom aging

As I look into the mirror I don't recognize the face anymore. There are wrinkles, sun spots, bags under the eyes, not so white teeth, sagging breasts and a few white hairs. Do others see what I see?

I am constantly being sucked into buying the latest youth regeneration products. I am always hoping for the impossible. I love to try new things to see if they work. This past year I have been on an anti-aging mission. Many of us hot mamas don't have the chances to spend a whole weekend shopping without kids. Here are some websites that I have used to bring the spa treatments home. Plus I love to support other moms with their home businesses.

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Hot Mama, Do You Make Lists?

organizing for hot mamas As the anniversary of my Grandfather's death approaches this week. I start to rethink my life. I look at everything he and my Grandmother had accomplished in their lives together. They traveled. They were married over 50 years. I still can't believe that he has been gone three years. I miss him so much.

I start to think about things I want to accomplish in my life. I have always been the type of person that makes a list for everything. Shopping lists, to-do lists, packing lists, inventory lists, schedules - you name it - I had a list for it.

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Class Reunion Brings Questions for This Hot Mama


Summer of '09 = Class Reunion. Has it really been 5 years since the last reunion? I can't believe I have been out of high school this long. A vision of gray hair and wrinkles float through my mind.

Do I really want to go? What do I have in common with any of my classmates anymore? I haven't seen many of them since the last reunion.

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A Hot Mama Ready to Change

Dear Julie,

Last week I watched the finale to the show "Biggest Loser". I was so inspired to take control of my own body again. I weigh as much as some of the contestants starting weights were. I feel so lost and not sure where to start. I just know I am ready. Help, please!

A Hot Mama Ready to Change

Dear Hot Mama Ready to Change,

First, Congratulations of being Ready to Change. You can do it! It is always good to consult your physician before starting any weight loss or exercise program. They will let you know if you body can handle it. They will be there to monitor you along the way. If you are on medications now weight loss and exercise could change how that medicine effects you. So please go speak with your physician first. They will be very encouraging for you!

If you physician said it is OK for you to start changing your lifestyle then read on.

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Ever Feel Like You Can't Fit One More Thing Into Your Week

Happy Mother's Day! OK I know I am a couple of days late. I hope you all had a great Mother's Day!

It's Spring. Life just seems to get more and more crazy as the temperatures rise. I am constantly hearing people complain about their lifes and how out of control they are.

I know we are Super Moms, but do we know when to say enough is enough or just plain no, thank you once in awhile. For example here is my schedule for this week, keep in mind this is a very typical week for my household.

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Dear Julie - What? Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Dear Julie,

My children think money grows on trees. How do I teach them the value of the dollar? They want everything. Need some advice as my bank account doesn't allow for much fun anymore.

~A Hot Mama Who is Almost Bankrupt


Dear Almost Bankrupt Hot Mama,

Teaching children the value of the mighty dollar is something that is very much needed in our every day lives. Giving them a heads up now will help them when they become adults and have to start paying bills on their own.

There are quite a few ways you can show them, especially if they are tweens or teens.

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Hot Mamas...Flush Out Toxins

When you sleep, you body eliminates toxins, many of them through your skin. Gross, isn't it? A warm shower in the morning washes them all away, but a good scrub and warm/cold blasts help eliminate even more, and assists in breaking up fat cells. Yay!

You can get a good natural body scrub at your local health food, but why not save some money and make one up yourself? Here's a quick and easy scrub that you can throw together in a few minutes:

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Dear Julie - A Hot Mama At A Stand Still

Dear Julie,

Help! I am at a Stand Still with my business. The economy is taking a toll on it and I need help coming up with creative ways to overcome it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

~A Hot Mama at a Stand Still


Dear Stand Still Hot Mama,

Yes, the economy has even made my rethink my initial business plan and goals. I've had to come up with some creative thinking outside of the box scenarios. The economy will turn around but it is a matter of when. Keep in mind - it won't happen overnight.

Here are some things to ponder:

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Dear Julie - Free Advertising Good or Bad?

Dear Julie,

I recently started my own home business. Now I am ready to market but I am not sure how to do it without going bankrupt with the advertising expenses. Help Make Me a Hot Successful Mama!

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12 Hot Mama Power Foods for Flat Belly

You have abs! Yes, you do! Don't tell me you don't. Okay, they may be a buried under some cushioning, but they ARE there.mummy tummyWe just need to strip away that padding...

Straight from the Abs Diet for Women (which is a great book and worth the money), these are the top foods for flatter, hotter hot mama abs:

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Dear Julie - Spring Cleaning What Do I Keep?

Dear Julie,

I am wanting to clean out the closets from my first child. I think I should keep everything but my husband thinks I should sort it out and get rid of the too small things. I do hope to have another child some day but don't I foresee it for a few years. What do you think?

Spring Cleaning Wanna Be

Dear Spring Cleaning Wanna Be,

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Hot Mamas and The Muffin Top

mummy tummy

The muffin top – tasty with coffee, not so appetizing hanging over your jeans. Just in case you don’t know what a muffin top is, it’s that blob of fat that hangs over the band of your pants. Yuck, I know, but we’ve all been there and some of us may still be there. But not for long. I’ve got some great tips to help you get rid of that unsightly hangover.

Here's a few to get you started:

Tip #1 – buy bigger pants! One of the main reasons you get a muffin top is because your pants are too tight. Don’t worry about the size, just buy the size that fits you properly. Trying to squeeze a size 12 rear into size 10 pants does not help you. It’s just a number, stop stressing over it. Trust me, buy great clothes in your correct size and you will look hot.

Tip #2 – wear “mom” jeans. Pants that sit at the waist or above will definitely get rid of your muffin top. It will also get rid of your friends, your man and any sense of fashion that you have. Your kids will probably die of embarrassment, too. A better choice is to refer to tip #1. Please!

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